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M992A1 Ammunition Supply Vehicle 1/72...

...from Riich Models
Riich1_72M992A1ASV (1).JPG

The ideal companion to their M109A2 kit, this M992A1 is the ammunition carrier based on the same M109 chassis but purely an armoured ammunition supply vehicle that is intended to accompany the M109 SPG into combat. This ammunition carrier has been in service since 1982. It can carry 95 rounds and associated powders and primers. It is usually backed up to an M109 and ammunition transferred via the rear doors.

The kit used the same basic lower hull and running gear, with link-and-length track as their M109 howitzer kits (M109A2 and M109A6) There are no problems with assembly and fit of parts is good. Finishing options allow for multi-colour European camouflage, plain Olive Drab or Desert Sand.


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