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US M3A1 Half-Track in 1/56...

...from Rubicon Models
Rubicon1_56M3A1halftrack (1).JPG

I've really got to like these 1/56 scale kits from Rubicon. They are simplified to make them quick and easy to assemble but they turn out very nicely. So aimed primarily at wargamers but they are of a size to make for some interesting dioramas.

In this case you have the option to build the basic M3 half-track, without the pulpit for the .50cal, or the M3A1 with it and the front winch. I also liked that the armoured cover for the radiator has options for the slats open or closed. The track units are each done as just two parts, and the fit of parts generally is excellent. Plenty of transfers on the separate sheet, and equally plenty of spares left over.

I bought mine through Tiger Hobbies here in the UK.


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