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FV 432 Mk2/1 in 1/72...

...a plastic kit from S & M Models
SandM_1_72_FV432 (1).JPG

A new short production run injection moulded kit from S & M Models, which is a follow-on from their earlier Stalwart. A very welcome addition as an injection moulded plastic kit in 1/72, the FV 432. These have soldiered on in the British Army for many years, and with updates, some are still in service today.

Even though this is a short run kit, this is really very good.  Fit of parts is excellent all round, and there are multiple options provided for in terms of colours and markings. In building the model, there are some small parts which require careful handling, particularly the shock absorbers. The lengths of track assemble around the running gear quite nicely, though I would remove the teeth on the inside sprocket wheel when I do another on, because I certainly will look to do another one or two. It has etch brass for the headlamp guards, and clear parts are included for the headlight lenses. The etch guards need bending, and it really needs a small etch bending tool to fild the small edge sections. I like this one, it has been done very nicely and deserves to sell well for small scale modellers.

For those wanting interior detail and conversions to other variants, Dan Taylor Modelworks are working on some to go with this kit.


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