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Scammell TRCU20 Tank Transporter Tractor Unit... the REME Museum collection

One of the early models I built back in the 1960s was the old Airfix kit of the Scammell tank transporter.  With the release of a new 1/35 model of this venerable old tank transporter in 1/35 by Thunder Models, I thought many modellers would be interested in seeing some reference pictures of the tractor unit, showing the example held in the collection of the REME Museum, now based at Lyneham

Based on the Scammell Pioneer, the Recovery Vehicle and Artillery tractor, the tank transporter had a lengthened chassis, larger rear wheels and an extended crew cab, allowing for seating for the members of the tank crew.  They could be fitted with either a 20 or 30 ton trailer.  Once fitted they were pretty much fixed, and suffered from being too high when carrying the larger tanks to fit under many bridges.  It remained in production to the end of WW2, with 459 of them being made.



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