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Seaforth World Naval Review 2020...


... from Seaforth Publications



Title: Seaforth World Naval Review 2020

Editor: Conrad Waters

Publisher: Seaforth Publications

ISBN: 978-1-5267-6062-3


The latest Naval Review for 2020 from Seaforth is another interesting collection of well written features. Add the archive photos and the modern day colour images you get an informative read and some useful photo references. Edited by Conrad Waters, it features a good mix of topics from a number of subject matter experts.
There are 3 main sections in addition to the Introduction. These are World Fleet Reviews: Significant Ships and Technological Reviews. The World Fleet Reviews are sub-divided into 7 further elements. The Regional Reviews look at North & South America: Asia & the Pacific: The Indian Ocean & Africa: along with Europe & Russia. Then three individual Fleet Reviews for the Royal Navy, the German Navy and the Finnish Navy.
Section 3 gives a more detailed look at Significant Ships, in this case three sub-sections, the Kamarta Class Corvettes, an Indigenous Indian Corvette design; 'Tide' Class Fleet Tankers, Aegir Type Fleet Support Ships. A British design though built in South Korea. This section is rounded off with a look at the Origins, Design Drivers and Description of the Virginia (SSN-774) Class nuclear powered Attack Submarines.
For the final section, and as the World's Navies have to face up to constant Technological changes, we can update ourselves on World Naval Aviation, Future Submarine Technology and finally PROSUB, with Brazil's huge investment in updating their submarine flotilla.
There is just so much to take in with this latest review for 2020, as threats are changing just as new ships come into service, changes with aircraft and the growing use of UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles), the state of the ship building industry in various countries and the economics for countries both large and small. Couple the informative text with plenty of photo references and a good number of Data Tables which provide even more detailed information. This is another interesting edition of these Annual Seaforth Reviews, with plenty for the Naval Historian and modeller to enjoy, as well as anyone interested in present day and even future naval developments around the world with changing political priorities.

Thanks to Pen and Sword for this review copy.



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