Huts and Bunks in 20mm scale...

...models for the wargames market , from Blotz via Sgts Mess

Blotz is a range of laser cut wooden buildings and accessories in 20mm scale (1/76) and they are sold by Sgts Mess, along with thir own ranges of wargames figure, vehicles and accessories.  Amidst the complete buildings in this series of good quality yet reasonably priced laser-cut models are two different size barrack huts.  The one you see in these photos is the smaller one, but there is a larger version as well.  More recently they have added a really useful accessory set with 3 wooden bunk beds.  These make an ideal combination if you want a wargames scenario or maybe a diorama that features a barracks, or maybe a POW camp.  For the gamer, the roof is designed to be removable so figures can be placed inside, so it is crying out for other detailing to fit inside.  Both the hut itself and the bunk beds fit together very well, and are quite easy, and fun, to make.

Even more recently, Sgts Mess have added another accessory pack to their own range, with metal cast bedding/sleeping occupants which fit perfectly onto the assembled bunks.  Ideal for a diorama.  This pack has 2 sleeping people and 2 of pillow and blanket (empty bed in other words).



Sgts Mess 1/76 Barrack Hut
Basic Hut
Sgts Mess 1/76 Barrack Hut
With the Bunks (a separate accessory set, with three in a pack)
Sgts Mess 1/76 Barrack Hut
Plus the bunks and the Sgts Mess bedding/sleeping figures
Blotz Bunk Beds
Blotz Bunk Beds
Beds built
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