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3 New Sparmax Silver Bullet Moisture Traps... airbrush accessories from The Airbrush Company

News from The Airbrush Company that they have added three new Sparmax Silver Bullet Moisture Traps to use with appropriate airbrush compressors.  The details of each one is given below while for prices, do check the Airbrush Company website which you can access using the Button link at the bottom of this page.


The Sparmax Silver Bullet MAC


The Silver Bullet MAC is a new version of the moisture trap, like the Silver Bullet ‘Plus’ but with a MAC (micro air valve) instead of an adjustable air bleed valve. The MAC valve restricts airflow to the airbrush, instead of bleeding air to reduce the airflow.

This NEW Silver Bullet MAC ( ) is for use with:

  • Automatic compressors that have a pressure-activated on/off switch. This is because the MAC version keeps the functionality of the auto-switch turning on and off at pressure, whereas bleeding air causes an auto-switch to stay on all the time.

  • Manual compressors that already have a built-in bleed adjuster or safety bleed. Most manual compressors do have a safety bleed for the times when the airbrush is idle and not letting through air, but the compressor is still running. A MAC valve is ok for compressors with the safety feature.

The Silver Bullet Plus

The Silver Bullet Plus( ) is for use with:

  • A manual compressor that does not have its own air bleed.

The Silver Bullet


The Silver Bullet versus the Silver Bullet Plus/MAC versions

All three versions provide cleaner, drier air. The addition of the air valve offers:

  • Compact. The Silver Bullet Plus or MAC is more compact than a separate end-of-line moisture filter and separate bleed or MAC valve.

  • Convenient. Even if your compressor has a regulator or adjuster on it, it is more convenient to tweak the pressure at the business end of your hose, near your airbrush and near your hands, while you are working away.

  • Fine tuning. The small knob gives finer control of air pressure than the cruder adjustments on a larger compressor knob.

  • Adding control. If the compressor has no air regulator or air adjuster, then this product adds that control of air pressure.

Code                          Description                                                          SRP inc VAT

E-MT-SB                   Sparmax Silver Bullet Moisture Trap                      £11.99

E-MT-SB-PLUS        Sparmax Silver Bullet Plus with air bleed               £15.95

E-MT-SB-MAC          Sparmax Silver Bullet MAC                                    £15.95

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