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Snatch Land Rover... the last REME Open Day at Arborfield

The Snatch Land Rover was developed in the early 1990s for service in Northern Ireland.  It was based on the chassis of a Land Rover Defender 110, fitted with lightweight armour.  Originally intended for the use of so-called 'Snatch' Squads.  Later it was deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan, but did not have a suitable level of protection for the powerful IEDs deployed against them.  This resulted in a number of crew deaths and something of a public outcry against them.  They were withdrawn and replaced by more capable armour protected vehicles (such as Mastiff, Ridgeback etc).  Many can now be found in private ownership as the army has gradually disposed of them/

These are pictured on display at the last REME Open Day at Arborfield, back in 2012, before they moved out back in 2012.  There are kits available, the Airfix one in 1/48 comes to mind. 


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