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Sparmax Zeta Compressor... from The Airbrush Company

The Airbrush Company have introduced the new Sparmax Zeta compressor, exclusive to The Airbrush Company Ltd. and our resellers.

The Sparmax Zeta features Smart-Stop power saving function, an innovative and intuitive feature designed to enhance the users airbrushing experience. The Smart-Stop pauses the compressor when the airbrush is placed into its holder and restarts the compressor when the airbrush is taken off again. This energy saving design allows users to stop the compressor when not in use. This reduces pressure fluctuations when compared to using an auto on/off switch and regulator and will extend the lifetime of the compressor.
What makes the Sparmax Zeta compressor unique is the Smart-Stop hanger and regulator/pressure gauge, which can be positioned on your worktop away from the compressor (using the clamp provided). This remote switch hanger is the first of its kind in the market and is internationally patented.


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