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AFV Parts Holder...

...a laser cut wooden accessory from Sphere Products

Among the range of products from Sphere is this adjustable magnetic stand, designed primarily for use with AFV models.  Using a magnetic joint, it is easy to hold a hull steady while you are painting or adding details.  I don't know about you, but how often when making a model, especially with small detail fittings, do you want an extra pair of hands.  No crocodile clips that could mark the surface, but a strong magnet which simply holds the main hull element in place.  As you can see in the picture, it is adjustable in two sections, so you can hold the hull at any convenient angle to work on, and I can say it holds it quite firmly.

It comes as a simple kit of the laser-cut parts, plus magnets, the nuts and bolts to assemble it, complete with Allan keys, the spanner that you can see in the photo, and rubber feet to fit to the base .  Clear assembly instructions are supplied with it, and away you go.  Sphere manage to keeping adding some really useful accessories like this, and I believe they do other special stands for both aircraft models and figures, so you might like to check out their website (link below).

Available to order direct from Sphere Products, along with their paint racks and more..


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