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South East Asia 1950s Armour Decals in 1/35...

...from Star Decals

Another new product from Star Decals. I still think that while the aircraft modeller is well served by sets of alternative markings for their models, there are less available to armour modellers. One exception is the range from Star Decals (previously known as Bison Decals) and here I have details of a one of their recent sets, for 1/35 models in South East Asia in the 1950s.

35-C 1250 - South East Asia 1950s

This set has a number of different vehicles from a mix of units in Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia and Thailand.

This set has markings for 10 complete models -

  • M8 Greyhound of the 3e Esq, Blinde Vietnamien, 1953-54

  • Panhard AMD 178B of a VNA unit.

  • M8 HMC of an ARVN unit is 1955

  • CMP C15TA (armoured truck) of an unknown VNA unit

  • M3A1 half-track of the French 3e Regiment, Blinde Vietnamien, 1953

  • M3 A1 Scout Car of the ARK/FARK in Phnom Penh Cambodia, 1956

  • M8 Greyhound, ARVN, in Saigon 1955

  • M8 Greyhound ARL in Laos 1950s

  • M24 Chaffee of the Royal Thai Army in the 1950s

  • M24 Chaffee of the ARK/FARK in 1957

All standard waterslide transfers of good quality, adding some interesting alternatives for your kits. Every set comes with a coloured page showing the positioning and colours for each of the subjects. Plenty of kits available of these, except for the Panhard 178D, such as the M8 from both Tamiya and Italeri, the M24 Chaffee from Bronco Models, the M3A1 Scout car by Tamiya and the M3a1 Half-track by Dragon, plus the CMP C15TA from IBG.

Thanks to Johann at Star Decals for my examples. The link to the Star Decals website is below, where you can purchase any of their ranges.



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