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2 Sets of Korean War Armour Decals in 1/35...

...from Star Decals

It has been quite a while since I last caught up with some new products from Star Decals. I still think that while the aircraft modeller is well served by sets of alternative markings for their models, there are less available to armour modellers. One exception is the range from Star Decals (previously known as Bison Decals) and here I have details of a couple of their recent sets, both for 1/35 models during the Korean War of the early 1950s.

35-C 1254 - M4A3E8 Sherman

This features tanks with Rices's Red Devils, 89th Tank Battalion. A set with 3 complete sets of markings for 3 different Shermans, 2 of which feature the colourful glacis plate with Dragon's teeth as seen used during the Korean conflict.


35- C 1255 - US Army Tanks

This set has markings for 6 complete models -

  • M26 Pershing from the 70th Tank Battalion

  • M45 105mm Pershing of the 5th Tank Battalion

  • M24 Chaffee from the 187th Airborne Regimental Combat Team

  • M26 Pershing of the 73rd Tank Battalion

  • M26 Pershing 'Belita'

  • M24 Chaffee of the 24th Reconnaissance Company, 24th Infantry Division

All standard waterslide transfers of good quality, adding some interesting alternatives for your kits. Every set comes with a coloured page showing the positioning and colours for each of the subjects.

Thanks to Johann at Star Decals for my examples. The link to the Star Decals website is below, where you can purchase any of their ranges.



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