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3 Sets of Vietnam War Armour Decals in 1/72...

...from Star Decals

It has been quite a while since I last caught up with some new products from Star Decals. I still think that while the aircraft modeller is well served by sets of alternative markings for their models, there are less available to armour modellers. One exception is the range from Star Decals (previously known as Bison Decals) and here I have details of three more of their recent sets, all for 1/72 models during the Vietnam War.

More for the small scale modeller from Star Decals, and I have to say not only for my favourite smaller scale, but also a conflict that I grew up with, hearing the news as I came home from school each day. The Vietnam war is one I find fascinating to study and there is a really good selection of subjects within these sets.
Each set has a sheet of placement instructions, in colour with individual decal placement clearly shown, plus the small sheet of very well printed waterslide transfers.

72.A 1042 Vietnam Set 1

9 complete vehicles are featured in this one, and some potential variety among these, as the registration numbers include individual digits, so you can ring the changes.
A - M48A3, serving with the ARVN in 1975
B - M48A3, from an ARVN unit in 1973
C - M41A3, thought to be from the 20th Tank Regiment in Phuoc Tuy Province, 1971.
D - M41A3 at Quang-Tri in 1972
E - M41A3 ARVN, Hue City in 1968, during the Tet Offensive
F - M41A3 111 Armoured Regiment during the Easter Offensive in 1972, and one of just two with a multi-colour camouflage scheme among this set
G - M41A3 ARVN 11th ARC at Dong Ha in April 1972
H - M24 Chaffee, from an ARVN unit, and the second multi-coloured camouflage machine
J - M41A3 as delivered for ARVN service

72.A 1043 Vietnam Set 2

8 complete AFVs are included in this set, and all are variants on the M113 chassis.
A - M113A1, on the Rebel side of the Saigon Coup in November 1963
B - M113A1, with a twin .30cal turret, in an ARVN unit
C - M113A1, with 106mm Recoilless Gun, an ARVN unit in 1971
D - M113A1, operated by the ARVN in Hue in May 1972
E - M113A1, ARVN, outside Hue in May 1972
F - M113A1, ARVN, Cho Gai District, Mekong Delta in 1969
G - M577A1, ARVN
H - M548, ARVN, 11th ACR, Dong Ha in 1972

72.A 1044 Vietnam Set 3

The most varied selection of vehicles among these 3 sets, and some interesting choices.
A - CMP C15TA armoured truck, an unknown ARVN unit during the 1960s
B - V100 Commando, ARVN Saigon, April 1975
C - V100 Commando, Combined US/ARVN Military Police Unit, Quan-Canh patrol
D - M151 Mutt,ARVN Lam Son 719, 1972
E - M151 Mutt, ARVN Quan-Canh (MP), Vung Tau in 1971
F - Panhard AMD 178B, Thu-Doc Officer School, 1952
G - M35A1 ARVN
H - M35A1 ARVN
J - M8 Greyhound, 3rd Esq Blinde Vietnamian 1953-54
K - M8 Greyhound, ARVN Saigon 1955.

Thanks to Johann at Star Decals for my examples. The link to the Star Decals website is below, where you can purchase any of their ranges.



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