Survival Modelling Guide 1...


...from Auriga Publishing International


Title: Survival Modelling Guide 1

Author: Alessandro Bruschi

Publisher: Auriga Publishing International

ISBN: 978-88-88711-64-5


Having the figure 1 in the title, we can assume there will be more to follow for this dual language English and Italian soft-cover modelling book.  In this one it concentrates on painting and finishing a variety of model types rather than focussing on just one.  Unlike some other similar style books available these days, it isn't fixed to products from just the one manufacturer either.  It uses materials from a variety of makes of paints and weathering materials.  It is largely made up from good, clear photos of some well finished model, and each one with a good explanatory caption that is provided in both English and Italian

There are 8 features in the book, and these tackle a 1/35 MTB, using the Italeri kit of the Italian MAS 568 4a series and how to go about painting and weathering the completed model.  This is followed with an IDF Sherman M51, using the Tamiya kit.  More armour follows it, finishing Meng's 1/35 kit of the German WW1 A7V.  A bit of a change with the next one, painting and weathering 1/35 shipping containers.  This is handy as there are some kits of these available these days.  A diorama scene comes next, Apocalipse Zombie and this deals with building a 1980's civilian setting for some 1/35 zombie figures but concentrating on the diorama rather than the figures.  This even includes a page of colour cut out scale templates for accessories such as vending and games machines along with a petrol pump.  Another change of topic for the next section, and applying an all metal finish to the 1/72 Mig-16Bis from Eduard.

Yet another topic for the next one, a 'Farmbot', a largely scratch-built sci-fi piece in 1/48 but using parts from the spares box as well.  To round it all off, painting and weathering the Zvezda 1/35 kit of the Mercedes L4500 Maultier with 3.7cm Flak 36.  All the builds are very nicely finished and they demonstrate a handy variety in getting the effects you might want.  I also like it for featuring the variety of subjects as well.  It may feature some subjects that you don't usually model, but there are still plenty of useful ideas you can get from other modelling genres if you just take the opportunity to have a look and see.

Thanks to Bookworld for this review copy.