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Modern US Military Equipment in 1/72... of the second kit release from T-Model, useful accessories

More news from the new manufacturer of 1/72 injection moulded models, T-Model.  To go with their first release, the US M1114 up-armoured HMMV their second set is going to be some handy modern accessories that will go well with it and other modern US vehicle models.  A set of jerrycans, insulated boxes, transit cases, ammo boxes and clear plastic water bottles, this should allow you,. for example, to add some stowage into the back of their M1114 (I knew there had to be a reason for me to build the kit with the rear boot panel in the open position!)

They are being marketed through Bronco Models and it is nice to see them getting involved with the smaller scale vehicles. 

Thanks to Bronco Models for the news.


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