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Fries Kran 16t Strabokran in 1/35...

...Takom have announced this as a new 1/35 Model

Another excellent choice of subject in this new announcement from Takom, the Fries Crane used by mobile workshops of the German army during WW2.  Seen in a fair few archive photos, these could lift off complete turrets from the likes of Tiger and Panther.  As Takom have done some recent Panther kits, and with interiors, I envisage a lot more workshop diorams appearing at shows and competitions over the coming year or so.  It has only been done in 1/35 as a resin kit previously, by Des Kit from France.  An excellent model but with this one in plastic will attract an even larger audience.  I continue to be impressed by the subject choices we are seeing come from Takom.


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