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Russian Army Tank Transporter MAZ-537G Tractor & CHMZAP-5247G semitrailer...

Takom_RussianMAZ537 (1).JPG
...building the Takom kit

I am very much a fan of Takom models, whichever scale they do. In this case I turned to one of their 1/72 models, the big Russian MAZ-537G tractor unit and semitrailer.

Moulded in a light grey plastic, plus clear parts for glazing and a few pieces in etch brass for the trailer. The fit of parts is first class and the potentially complex chassis, with the 8-wheel drive transmission, it goes together quite easily, provided you follow the clear sequence given in the instructions. Obviously you need to paint the interior of the cab prior to assembly, and you should also do the hubs for the trailer wheels before you put them onto the trailer. The suspension units on the trailer do 'work', as do the rear ramos and the fifth wheel plate on the back of the tractor unit. For a small scale model, the completed build does look impressive. There are plenty of 1/72 tanks on the market to use as a load, and ideally I think, the T-54B from Ammo, which is made for them by Takom anyway, another excellent kit.

There are four options for colours and markings, for Hungarian, Afghan, Iranian and Soviet armies, all shown in colour and prepared by Ammo of Mig Jiminez, and naturally keyed to their range of paints.  I've got the basic colour done (classic Soviet green), it still needs to have filters and weathering applied...


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