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V-2 Related Strabokrans and an M46 Patton...

...three new 1/35 kits announced fromTakom

There are three new kits announced by Takom for March, and all three are in 1/35 scale.

For those who already have their previous kit (which they do in 1/35 and 1/72) that features the V-2 Rocket and TEL Meilerwagen plus the Hanomag SS100 tractor. Now we have hear of two more V-2 related kits. One has the V-2 itself plus the simpler Vidalwagen transport trailer and the 16t Strabokran. The gantry crance could lift the V-2 from the transport trailer and transfer it to the Meilerwagen for launching. Apparently the crane has additional parts compared to the basic gantry crane they have already released, by adding the extra lifting frame for the missile.

The second has the crane again, but this time combining it with the Hanomag SS100 as a towing vehicle. So this one clearly aimed at being assembled in transport mode.

Finally, a US tank, the M46 Patton.  As you might pick up from the box art this one features the colourful markings of a Korean War machine.  There are far too few models aimed at the period of the Korean War of the early 1950s, so I feel this is an excellent choice.


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