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Hanomag SS100, Vidalwagen and V2 Rocket...

...building the Takom kit
Takom1-35V2Vidalwagen (1).JPG

Following on from their kit of the V2 with the same Hanomag SS100 tractor, but the more complex Meilerwagen, the TEL (transporter, erector, launcher) for the V2. The Hanomag tractor and the missile itself are of course no different, but what makes this one different is the much simpler Vidalwagen trailer, used for transporting the missile from the railhead delivery point to the firing team, when the missile is transferred from the Vidalwagen to the Meilerwagen TEL, using a 16t Strabokran, a mobile gantry that is also available in kit form.

I understand there is going to be a book on the Vidalwagen specifically on the way from Volker Ruff and via Panzerwrecks but it has been delayed at the time of writing this.

The Vidalwagen is very nicely done and easy enough to assemble.  There are a couple of small parts, and the ball joint for the coupling one the tow bar needs care not to get glue on it with the assembly while also being a very small part, so don't drop it! The V2 itself is also quite simple and hence easy to assemble. Once fitted in place on the trailer, there are etch bras bands to secure it to the trailer. The towing vehicle is a Hanomag SS100 tractor. A more complex build, and I have yet to get this done, so will give an update on this as things progress...


I bought mine through Tiger Hobbies Ltd.


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