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German 3 ton 4x2 Cargo Truck in 1/48...

...the Tamiya kit built

I am still a fan of the 1/48 range of vehicle models from Tamiya, and though not a new release, I have recently had a go at their German 3ton 4x2 Cargo Truck. It represents the Opel Blitz of course, but I am sure it is about licencing costs to use the Opel name on the box that they can't name it as such.

The kit is nicely detailed and as ever with Tamiya, the fit of parts is first class. Within the box they have included a sprue with accessories for 3x 200litre fuel drums, along with 8 jerrycans and a couple of rolled tarps so you do get a part load for the GS body. Just in case someone doesn't already know, the small triangle sign on the cab roof indicates whether the truck is towing a trailer. If it is raised, it has a trailer and folded down if it isn't.  I have to paint the details as yet and then add transfers and weathering.

I have to admit I very nearly made a silly mistake while building this one. Having painted the cab interior I got to fit the final parts of the cab roof and the doors, I had forgotten to fit the steering wheel! Luckily, I was able to gently pry open the cab roof , add the steering wheel and refit the roof without any damage. Then I was able to breathe a sign of relief.  No matter how long you have been modelling, you can still make mistakes.

Just going back to the subject of the trailer, I'd love it if Tamiya would do a new variation, adding the drawer bar trailer in its' GS format, and how about doing both with Office bodies? Well, maybe we can dream. The German army was a great user of trailers behind their trucks during WW2.


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