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German Heavy Tractor SS-100 & 88mm Flak 37 in 1/48...

...the Tamiya kit built
Tamiya_1_48_S100_88mm (1).JPG

I continue to like the 1/48 range of vehicle models from Tamiya, and conveniently this is another variation of their Hanomag SS-100 tractor, coupled this time with an 88mm Flak 37, a gun which is actually supplied from Italeri apparently. The Hanomag builds as I have previously described separately, very neat. The Flak gun itself can be built either in a travelling or emplaced (firing) configuration. It builds nicely enough. The one tip I would give is to leave the wheels off the axles on the Sonder Anhanger units until the different elements are painted, and then add the wheels.

You have the choice of 2 colour and marking schemes, either an early war Panzer Grey, or 1943 onwards, in Dunkelgelb camouflaged version.



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