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French Light Tank Renhault R35 in 1/35...

...the new Tamiya kit
Tamiya_Renault R35 (1).JPG

One of the first new releases from Tamiya for 2020, and what was for me one of the highlights of their announcements at Nuremburg. The French Renault R35 makes a great addition to their range, to go alongside their Somua S35 and the Char B1bis. Large numbers of the R35 were in service in 1940, many of which were captured intact and later put into service, or converted, by the Wehrmacht.

Moulded in a sand coloured plastic, there are 4 sprues, two of which are duplicates for the running gear and link-and-length track. It features two camouflage and marking options, both of which have a French multi-colour camouflage scheme.

I have started my build of the kit, and it begins with the hull and running gear. The track itself is made up from lengths and individual links. Begin with a top run of track which has the right degree of track-sag moulded into it. It locates accurately with a pin on the front return roller, which fits in with the 15th link of the section. Then assemble the track as per the sequence provided on the instructions, and everything fitted perfectly. One of the things you can bet on from Tamiya is this good fit of parts and once again they do not disappoint. Once the running gear is in place, fit the track guards. Then simply follow the instructions and add the rest of the detail around the hull, with more of the excellent fit.  There are just two holes in the hull sides which need to be drilled but that is easy enough.

Then you assemble the stubby gun mounting and fit it within the turret. You can fit the rear hatch open or closed, but I chose to have it open so I can fit the crew figure of the tank commander into place. With keys on the parts of the figure, git the arms and legs to the torso and the arms fitted perfectly as he sits on the hatch. The completed build looks the part to perfection to me. Now a matter of painting the camouflage and markings.

More to come when the painting starts...

Thanks to The Hobby Company who are the UK importers for this example.



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