ESK Mungo...

...Militarfahrzeug Special No 5065, new from Tankograd


Title: ESK Mungo

Author: Carl Schulz

Publisher: Tankograd

This new Militarfahrzeug Special from Tankograd, number 5065 in the series tackles a modern, though I think unusual looking German army vehicle, the Einsatzfahrzeug fur Spezialisierte Krafte (Light Protected Vehicle for Specialised Forces), the ESK Mungo.  This air-portable off-raod machine entered service in 2005 and has seen active use in Afghanistan and the Democratic Republic of Congo.  It can be carried by the CH-53G helicopter as either an internal or underslung load, or in the back of either the Transall or A400M transport aircraft.

The book is split into a logical sequence of sections, each one with both German and English text, along with lots of excellent photos to illustrate the story, and these in turn also have dual language captions.  From providing the development story and prototypes, it moves on to Series Production and then these Series Vehicles in Service.  The photos in these elements also include some good illustrations of colour schemes, not only the standard 3-colour European pattern but also both plain sand and a sand/brown pattern.  Next comes the Performance - Air Lift, where we see it with the roof frame removed and stowed for internal carriage in the CH-53G as well as the sling as an underslung load.

Next come the Technology of the build of the vehicle, including cab, engine, transmission, suspension, electrical system, cargo body and more.  The photos in this part cover detail ideal for modellers, both inside and out.  This leads into the additional developments and uses for the Mungo, with the LUNA UAV Launch and Recovery version with special UAV containers on board.  Further development led to Mungo 2, a Multipurpose variant with telescopic arms to be able to load/unload platform based loads without the need for a fork lift.  With a specialized platform there is also the Ground Control Station Carrier which is associated with the LUNA UAV system.  Other special purpose equipment can include a front mounted roller brush and a dozer blade.  This is all rounded off with a final section on the Mungo 3, the Large Volume Cabin Vehicle with an extended back end.  Another interesting special from Tankograd about a modern in-service vehicle, which I knew little about before reading this one, and with ideal references for the modeller.

Thanks to UK stockists Bookworld for my example.