GTK Boxer...

...A0, A1 and A2, Militarfahrzeug Special No 5072, new from Tankograd


Title: GTK Boxer

Author: Ralph Zwilling

Publisher: Tankograd

This is a brand new Militarfahrzeug Special from Tankograd, covering the very latest variants of this multi-role infantry vehicle.  Indeed, GTK stands for Gepanzertrs Transport Kraftfahrzeug (Multirole Armoured Wheeled Vehicle).  It first entered service back in 2009 and is very much a current service vehicle of the Bundeswehr and the Dutch Army.  The book opens with the development history of this large, 8-wheeled machine.  It is an interesting design for having a chassis and driver's position as one unit and then a variety of mission pods which are then fitted to it.  The design history includes details of the early involvement of both France and the UK, but each of these two countries eventually withdrew after their requirements for equipment changed.  Thankfully, and as is usual for these Specials by Tankograd, the text is provided in full in both German and English languages.  The dual language feature extends to all the photo captions as well, throughout the book.

Next is a Technical Description, which explains the modularity and includes some super pictures illustrating the driver's position and the engine itself, as well as the chassis and mission module separated.  Next comes the Personnel Carrier, versions A0 - A1 along with a separate section on the A2, which has improvements as a result of service experience.  This also has plenty of detail pictures of external features such as the RWS (Remote Weapon Station) and the interior seating compartment.  Add a set of good clear 1/35 scale drawings, and this makes the perfect modellers reference, as there are kit available in both 1/72 and 1/35 scales.  The next sections give an equal level of detail in the photos for the Command variant, the Heavy Armoured Ambulance and in the final section, the driver training version.


Very much current equipment and some super photography in it, perfect for the modellers amongst us, with detail and colours both inside and out.

Thanks to UK stockists Bookworld for my example.