Militar Fahrzeug 1/19...

... from Tankograd


Title: Militar Fahrzeug 1/19

Publisher: Tankograd

The first issue for 2019 of this quarterly German language magazine.  The usual mix of modern military equipment news as well as some historical features as well. It opens with a page of 'Industry News', followed by a feature on the Leopard 2A6Ma2 of the midern German Army, including some detail pictures of identifying features of this version. News next of a Danish SP, the 8x8 Caesar, a 155mm SP artillery system. Then a piece on the M1A2 SEP V2 Abrams which took part in the Strong Europe Tank Challenge in 2018, and where it sported White Stars once more, on the front and sides of the hull. Eurosatory 2018 follows on, with a variety of Unimog trucks plus some other mine protected patrol vehicles. It switches back to a historical feature next, on the Pz IV Ausf G before returning to more modern vehicle news with the new US MPVT amphibious APC. The Bundeswehr is next, with their Marder 1A5 with the MELLS guided missile system.

Another historical piece covers the Austin Champ with the British Army, before a couple of short pieces on a Char B at Stonne and the US National Armed Forces Museum in Houston, Texas. Modern news next, with details of the new Lynx KF41, a very modern looking version of this schutzenpanzer. A historical piece follows, with archive photos of German equipment back during the early part of the Cold War. Back to the modern British Army for the next feature, coverage of 35 Engineer Regiment as it finally leaves German to return to the UK, along with their heavy equipment.  The final pages cover a German military version of the Toyota Land Cruiser 150, in service as the Hirsch. Then the final pages shows some of the preserved military vehicles to be seen at the Militracks event at Overloon in 2018.


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