Militar Fahrzeug 2/2017...

...the latest issue from Tankograd


Title: Militar Fahrzeug 2/2017

Author: Jochen Vollert

Publisher: Tankograd

Militar Fahrzeug is a German language magazine produced on a quarterly basis, and the second issue for 2017 is now available.  The main image on the cover this time is a German built Mercedes Unimog variant in US Army service.  The contents start with news including a new Puma variant and then a piece on the Bandvagn, the Bv206, in service with the German mountain troops, the Gebirgsjager, and with some excellent photos that show not only the camouflage colours, but some with a heavy coating of mud.  Next comes  a British Army article, and operation of the AT 105 Saxon Patrol Internal Security Vehicle.  Back to the modern Bundeswehr after that, illustrating a variety of vehicle types currently in service, both armoured and softskin vehicles.

Back in time for the next feature, on Straffe Zugel 75, a NATO exercise with 1 Panzergrenadier Div working with the US Marine Corps. , including maps and archive photos.  Then Industry news from Eurosatory 2016, the Tulpar-S from General Dynamics Land Systems.   The centre pages feature the cover star, the use of the Unimog SEE tractor, a bit of engineering equipment used by the US Army.  Then we look at the latest update to the German Bergepanzer Buffel.

Another interesting modern vehicle follows, the Swedish SP artillery piece, the Archer Update, in turn followed by a piece on the Swedish Arsenalen museum.  Keeping with the international feel, the next feature covers the Swiss Army use of the Panzer 87 Leopard W E. For the historical feature in this issue we have a look at the variety of equipment used during WW2 by the tank driver schools.  The vehicle types illustrated include the Pz IV, Stug III, and Elefant among others.  Then more Eurosatory news with the SUPERAV from BAe Systems.  The final feature looks at an exercise of the German EFP-Battlegroup in Lithuania, with firing ranges featured among the photos.

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