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Militar Fahrzeug, 2-2020...

...from Tankograd



Title: Militar Fahrzeug 2-2020

Publisher: Tankograd

The second issue of this quarterly magazine for 2020 is now available, and as ever an interesting mix of news, history and the usual high quality photo content. A German language magazine and always with some interesting features.
The lead story is the glitzy roll-out of the latest version of the Leopard, the 2A7V. Looks more like the launch event for a new car than a drab camouflaged tank. Then news of the modernisation of the Marder. Then the first historical piece, with Wehrmacht operations with the Morris-Commercial 30cwt 6x4 CDSW, using the many examples captured in France/Belgium in 1940. Back to the present day next, with more soft-shin trucks, at the Defence Vehicles Experience which took place in October 2019. Then back to the en of the Cold War, and a final British Army exercise on the Soltau-Luneburg training area. A good mix of vehicles, including Chieftain Mk 11 and Challenger 1, along with Scorpion, Ferret, FV432 and more. Back in time even further for the next article, with WW1 British Mk V tanks which the German army came across in 1941 when they started Operation Barbarossa. An interesting WW2 American vehicle is profiled next, the 'Burma Jeep', the Ford GTB. Accompanied by archive photos and modern images of preserved examples. Then back to modern times, and coverage of the huge military parade in China. A mix of equipment types on show, and most interesting I think for the various Digital Camouflage schemes seen on so many of them in the parade. Another of their regular Museum features this time, and with a multi-page article on the French Musee des Blindes at Saumur, with plenty of photos of what is on show there. Back to modern times again for their US Army feature, and Combined Resolve XIII, taking place in January 2020. The last significant article is the second part of coverage of new mobile cranes in service now with the Bundeswehr, complete with their futuristic looking armoured cabs. The last page covers a Wheels & Tracks event last year in Germany, with preserved military vehicles on show. A real shame that 2020 is destined to have the large majority of such events cancelled thanks to the Coronavirus crisis.
Another interesting and varied issue, with the usual great photo content that will be of value to modellers even if your understanding of German is not good.

Thanks to UK stockists Bookworld for my example.


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