Militar Fahrzeug 2018/1...

... new from Tankograd


Title: Militar Fahrzeug 2018/1

Author: Jochen Vollert

Publisher: Tankograd

Something a bit special for this first issue of the quarterly Militar Fahrzeug for 2018 as it marks the 20th year of publisher Tankograd.  So let me open by saying Congratulations to them for reaching this milestone.

As ever, a German language magazine with articles covering both current and historical features on military vehicles from WW1 through to the present day, and well illustrated throughout.  The opening feature looks at the Leopard 2 in Bundewehr service, up to and including the new 2A7V demonstrator.  That is followed by a short one page piece on the earliest 'tank' designs, including the one from Leonardo da Vinci.  That is followed by a historical piece covering the Hanomag SS 100 LN heavy tractor.  Some excellent archive photos showing it in use during the war, with a number that offer some great diorama ideas for modellers.  I admit to a little bit of bias with this one, as Jochen has been good enough to include a couple of my own photos showing a surviving example at the Musee des Blindes in Saumur, France.  An interesting combination next, under the heading of the British Army, with British by Birth Boxer, the GTK Boxer illustrated in a complete Union Jack paint scheme - a colourful option for modellers.  That's followed by a US Army subject, an M60 Tow Tank.  With the main gun removed this one features photos of a rather worn example, mow in the hands of a museum collection.

Back to the present day for the next article, with coverage of the latest version of the Mercedes Unimog to go into Bundeswehr service, the U5023.  Back in time after this for the next one, which includes some photos of a post-war version of the German A7V, 'Hedi', as used by the Freikorps in 1919.  The main gun is removed and machine guns put in small turrets on all four corners and a changed cupola.  I can't recall seeing these photos before, and there are at least two of them illustrated, as well as original A7V and the unarmoured load carrier, the Uberlandwagen.  This also includes some neat colour profiles.  More history in the next 2 pieces, with Panther development and another exploring captured Panthers in use by Russian, US, British and French forces.  Then back to today, with the use of the 4x4 Mercedes Benz G280 with the Dutch army.  Back to the Cold War after that, and the Honest John rocket system in use by the Bundeswehr.  A museum piece next, on 'Tiger Day' at the Tank Museum, Bovington, focussing on Tiger 131, and again I have to admit to it featuring a couple of my own pictures of 131 at the 2017 event.  That is followed by a piece on the Tiger exhibition currently part of the display at Bovington.  Another well known vehicle, the VW Beetle in use in the German military after WW2.  Back to the US Army and the Cold War next, and genuinely cold, as it shows the large M103 tank on exercise in the winter snow, Exercise Winter Shield in 1961.  Staying with the Cold War theme, the next feature covers the East German Volksarmee use of the VT-55 recovery vehicle.  The final page carries a quick piece on a small, self propelled decontamination unit in use with the Bundeswehr.

That rounds off what you will find to interest you in this special issue, though added to it all is the Tankograd Catalogue of their 20 years of publications which is a separate booklet stapled inside the back cover.  Excellent as ever.

Thanks to UK stockists Bookworld for my example.