Militar Fahrzeug 2018/2...

... from Tankograd


Title: Militar Fahrzeug 2018/2

Author: Jochen Vollert

Publisher: Tankograd

The second issue of this quarterly German language magazine has some great articles for the military vehicle enthusiast and modeller.  For this time, after the usual Industrial News piece we get to an extensive feature on the German built Leopard Leguan bridging system, and  accompanied by a series of photos which I think will delight modellers, showing both camouflage colours and patterns but weathering from usage as well.  This is followed by a 3-page historical piece which showed me  some ohotos I can't recall seeing before, showing the Z.W.40 variant of the Panzer III, which used Pz III Ausf G and H hulls to test out a set of running gear using interleaved roadwheels, very much a test-bed for the larger Panther and Tiger Tanks.

Next is a page illustrating an extra power unit added to a tank transporter, to power the front two of 5 axles on the large tank transporter trailer.  Following features show us the 1st US Cavalry Museum at Fort Hood, Texas; the Unimog-Mothership truck in Australian service:  the US Army M1A2 Abrams on exercise; and a new German Army mobile crane, complete with armoured cab.  It's back to a historical subject next, the Italian Lancia 1zM armoured cars in German service, a 10-page feature packed with archive photos. Then forward a bit in time, coverage of the British Army 'Exercise Herold' in 1988, while Chieftain was still the MBT in service, and Centurion ARV Mk II among other Cold War equipment.  Another museum features next, the Museu do Combatente in Portugal.  The final pages hold an update on MELLS, on the modern Puma Schutzenpanzer and finally, details of the US supplied M48A1 in Bundeswehr service.

Another really good issue, whether your interests are modern or old military vehicles.  Excellent reference for modellers in particular, and for many Panzer fans, the unusual Pz III Z.W.40 with the large interleaved running gear will be a particular draw I suspect.

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