Militar Fahrzeug 4/18...

... from Tankograd


Title: Militar Fahrzeug 4/18

Publisher: Tankograd

The fourth and final issue for 2018 of this quarterly German language magazine.  As ever a mix of modern military equipment news as well as some historical features as well.  A couple of the articles provide the basics of stories which have also been featured as the topics for recent Tankograd Specials as well, where they are covered in even greater detail.  These cover the Strong Europe Tank Challenge, which took place at Grafenwohr earlier in the year, a competition between Leopard variants from Germany, Austria, Poland and Sweden, the Leclerc from France, Abrams from the USA, Challenger 2 from the UK and a the T-84 from Ukraine.  While mentioning Leopards, another feature tackles a German Leopard 2A6 seen in an Urban camouflage scheme of geometric shapes/colours reminiscent of the old British Army Berlin scheme.  Good clear photos plus a 1/35 colour profile will be a definite attraction for modellers.

Add details of a proposed Euro Main Battle Tank (EMBT), combining a Leclerc turret on a Leopard 2 hull.  Other news from Eurosatory 2018 are also included.  Archive features include German Army truck mounted AA weaponry from WW2, Mine laying equipment of the Cold War NVA (East German army), and REME involvement with Jeeps and the VW Beetle.  More modern equipment is featured in pieces on the Laser armed Stryker; the M1 Abrams fitted with the Trophy armour system; and modern German mine-laying equipment. Two short Museum articles are included, the MM Museum in France and the Mississippi Armed Forces Museum in the USA.

Another interesting issue, but I suspect the Urban camouflage on the Leopard 2 will be a great attraction for the AFV modeller.

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