Militar Fahrzeug 4/2017...

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Title: Militar Fahrzeug 4/2017

Author: Various

Publisher: Tankograd

Militar Fahrzeug is a quarterly German language magazine from Tankograd and the fourth quarter issue for 2017 is now on sale.  Perhaps I should put my hand up to being a little bit biased for this issue as it includes an article by me, which editor Jochen Vollert kindly translated into German for me.  The lead article is details of the German army GTK Boxer A2 and for the modellers among us, with some excellent detail photographs that illustrate not only the colours and camouflage but also details of various elements of the vehicle, including the interior.  This is followed by my piece, covering the Tankfest display at the Tank Museum this year.  A number of highlights at the event but I think seeing the French WW1 St Chamond visiting from Saumur actually running in the arena  was my particular favourite.  An 11-page feature on the Stug III in Finnish service comes next and this is illustrated with some excellent photos including one undergoing restoration.

Some smaller articles then cover the Royal Signals Museum here in the UK, the modern German Army Puma.  The next major article goes back to the Cold War era in West Germany, covering the 1970 exercise, Laramie Golden Arrow II.  Interesting to see AFVs such as M60A3 and M113 in use with the old MRDC multi-colour camouflages.  Some more smaller pieces follow this, dealing with the British Army Light Dragoons with their now green coloured Jackals; Stealth Stryker which illustrates the new thermal camouflage jacketing fitted to Stryker, the Barracuda MCS.  A couple of AFVs on show at Vugelles-La Mothe in Switzerland and then a five=page feature on the Spanish Leopard 2E as they work in the defence of the NATO Northern flank.  Back to Bundeswehr weapons systems next, particularly when they used the US built M47 tank.  The final few features cover the Slovenian use of the M-84 MBT, a variant of the T-72; engineering equipment then with the JCB 541-70 Telescopic Loader; the Schwabisches Bauern-und Technik Museum; and finally, a look at 'Armageddon', a paintball site in Lutterworth here in the UK.

Thanks to UK stockists Bookworld for my example.