MTVR, Tactical Truck of the US Marines...

...American Special No 3031, new from Tankograd


Title: MTVR

Author: Carl Schulze

Publisher: Tankograd

Another American Special from Tankograd, number 3031 in the series, and tackling the Oshkosh built MTVR, the Medium Tactical Vehicle Replacement programme.  I admit to being something of a fan of all types of military truck and US built ones in particular.  The first 11 pages of text, in both German and English languages as usual, provide the background to the development of the MTVR, originally intended to be for the US Army and the US Marines, and how the Marines were the ones to continue with the Oshkosh built solution.  It gives details of the different variants and the development story, along with details of Engine and Transmission, Suspension and Axles, Steering and Electrical systems and so on.  As well as the basic cab there are also Armour Protection kits for them.

The rest of the book consists of sections featuring a collection of first class colour images of the different variants, all with informative dual language captions.  The sections cover Prototypes; the MK23 Cargo Truck with a mix of different bodies,;the MK27 Extended Bed, which has a cargo bed about 2m longer than the standard cargo version; MK28C Extended Bed Chassis with winch, and this includes specialist engineer and tanker bodies; MK29 Dump Truck and MK30 with winch; MK31 Tractor unit, illustrated with a mix of trailers; MK36 Wrecker; MK37 Truck Cargo Resupply Vehicle HIMARS, with a load handling crane on the back and used as an ammunition resupply vehicle for the M142 High Mobility Artillery Rocket System; Trucks with Mine Rollers, which shows two different styles of front mounted mine rollers.  the final couple of pages show Export examples, with 73 being sold to Greece, while of interest to us here in the UK, we operate 375 tractor unit and tanker trailers with the RAF and the British Army, with both Fuel and Water tanker trailers.

If you have an interest in modern US military trucks, I am sure you will like this, and for any modeller, some excellent reference photos covering not just details on the trucks, but colours and markings as well.

Thanks to UK stockists Bookworld for my example.