Panzer IV im Kampfeinsatz...

...Wehrmacht Special No 4006, revised edition from Tankograd


Title: Panzer IV Im Kampfeinsatz

Author: Markus Zollner, Henry Hoppe and Archiv Jochen Vollert

Publisher: Tankograd

A revised and reprinted version of this collection of archive photos covering the story of the Panzer IV in Combat.  There are 16 added pages and 85 previously unpublished photos, bringing the page count up to 80 pages for this new edition.  The opening  3 pages give a brief history of the Pz IV, including basic information for all the production variants, listing year of production and quantity produced, armour thicknesses and armament.  All of this, including all the well detailed photo captions throughout the book are provided in both German and English languages.

What follows is a collection of archive photos which illustrate each of the production variants of the Pz IV gun tank.  Starting with the Ausf A it works through Ausf B, C, D, E, F, F2, G, H and J.  Not the commonly seen propaganda photos, but a collection from soldiers own collections.  There are a few I've seen before, but the bulk were new to me.  They illustrate not the factory fresh examples, but ones in combat in France in 1940, in Russia and North Africa.  Some have damage, others are seen loaded onto railway flats, a mix of individual crew stowage arrangements, armoured side skirts on the turret and or the hull and in varied camouflage schemes.  For anyone interested in the Pa IV and looking for a set of archive photos that illustrate the service history of the type, and want detail and diorama ideas for their models, then this is a good value reference at £13.99 here in the UK.

Thanks to UK stockists Bookworld for my example.