WW2 Chevrolet 1.5ton 4x4...

...Technical Manual No 6038, new from Tankograd


Title: WW2 Chevrolet 1.5ton 4x4

Author: Michael Franz

Publisher: Tankograd

Another addition to their Technical Manual series from Tankograd which covers the cargo trucks, M6 bomb service truck and other variants on the same chassis.  I admit to being a particular fan of this series from Tankograd and this new one doesn't disappoint.  In the usual style it presents a collection of archive photos showing the different variants in service, all with useful captions, and adds detail diagrams and annotated photos which provide a level of detail that will not only be helpful for modellers, but I can see a number of owners of real examples of these vehicles using it to help provide helpful information for restoration projects.

The bulk of the photos in the 48 page book are all black and white, but there are a couple of colour photos on the inside covers showing preserved examples at different military vehicle rallies.  The different variants include the basic GS bodied truck, along with the another that outwardly looks similar, a tipper, panel van, the soft-top M6 bomb carrier (a subject in a recent small scale kit from Airfix), Fire Trucks and telephone maintenance and construction variants.  One of these with an earth auger has been shown at a number of rallies in recent years and is one I always think is a bit of an eye catcher.  What will also be helpful for the vehicle restorer, the Reference section on the back page has a long list of original associated Technical Manuals if you want even more information.

Thanks to UK stockists Bookworld for my example.