Urbanes Panzergefecht Bundeswehr...

... from Tankograd


Title: Urbanes Panzergefecht Bundeswehr

Author: Ralph Zwilling

Publisher: Tankograd

Number 03 in the Panzer Manover series of softcover books from Tankograd.  It covers modern German Army training exercise  for fighting in an Urban environment, and using a purpose built urban training area. The 40-page softcover book covers the detail of an exercise carried out in that urban training environment back in March 2018. It involved the men and equipment of 4. Kompanie of Panzergrenadierbataillons 391.  It is kicked off with 6 pages of text (all in German language only) which gives the background, and does include some photos of the soldiers involved, including one clearly set well back inside a room, and armed with a high powered sniper rifle.  A good selection of detail of uniforms and equipment used by the modern Bundeswehr.  It also includes some unit organisation charts and a plan of the training area.

The rest of the book is filled with sets of first class photos that I am sure will please any modern armour modeller, even if you aren't able to understand the German captions.  Divided into sections, the first covers the Leopard 2A5, both in standard 3-colour NATO camouflage plus one in a new Urban camouflage scheme, very reminiscent of the old Berlin scheme used by the British Army.  That is followed by the Marder 1A3, all well worn. Next is the large 8-wheel Boxer APC, and seen well covered in fresh pine tree branches for natural camouflage (if a little odd in town). It is all rounded off with a mix of other vehicles, that took part, including Wiesel variants plus the Fuchs 6x6 APC and a Pioneerpanzer Dachs.

As ever, some ideal references for modellers as well as military vehicle enthusiasts.

Thanks to UK stockists Bookworld for my example.