...the German GTF Protected MilitaryLogistic Support Vehicle from Tankograd



Title: Zetros

Author: Carl Schulze

Publisher: Tankograd

One of the latest Militarfahrzeug Specials, Number 5074, from German publisher Tankograd.  Built by Mercedes-Benz, with a conventional cab behind engine layout, this modern 5t truck entered service as recently as 2012 and has seen service in Afghanistan with its' protected cab.  Since then new ones without the protected cab have also entered into service with the Bundeswehr.

There are 14 pages of text to start things off, with both English and German language versions of all the detail you might ask for about the truck.  The development story, service and detailed descriptions of each element such as cab, frames, engine, cooling and fuel systems, automatic transmission, axles, wheels, brakes, electrical system and more.

That's followed by the high quality photo coverage that makes these Tankograd books so popular with modellers and military vehicle enthusiasts.  We see the 4x4 truck with standard GS body as well as with Shelter bodies and super clear photos which show the multi-colour Bundeswehr camouflage is excellent clarity and detail.  This also applies to the section with an alternative camouflage scheme when in use in Afghanistan.  Then we get a section very detailed photos, showing detail elements such as the cab seats, engine, lights, wheels, Remote Weapons Station (RWS) and so on.  At the end there is coverage of the unprotected cab variant in service, even a bright orange coloured tipper variant used by the Bergen Regional Service Army Support Centre.

A 64-page softcover book with 152 fine colour images and a set of plans all included with the informative text.

Thanks to UK stockists Bookworld for my example.