The Australian Soldier...

...Collection 1914-1918 from OREP Editions, via Casemate Books

Title:  The Australian Soldier

Author: Lawrence Brown and Marc Le Moal

Publisher:  OREP Editions

ISBN:  978-2-8151-0353-4

This is a small format paperback that is one of a series tackling the troops of the various nations involved in the fighting on the Western Front of WW1, published by the French OREP Editions.  Available of different languages, this example is in English.  It is one of a series that also covers German, French, British, American and Canadian soldiers.

For the Australian this provides a comprehensive overview of their involvement in WW1 on the Western Front following the failure in Gallipoli., including the various places they saw action, what they achieved and facts and figures that include their casualty numbers.  All were volunteers, as despite 2 referendums back home, the introduction of conscription was rejected.  Within 33 pages they have managed to cram a lot in.  As well as archive photos there are also plenty of photos showing surviving artefacts that have been preserved and a few individual stories to help illustrate what the Australian troops experienced.  It even gives detail of their welcome in France, how they worked together with their allies and the support they got from home.  There were successes and failure they experienced, along with heavy casualties at times, though they were determined enough to carry on through adversity of enemy action and the sometimes terrible experiences of living in the muddy trenches of winter on the Western Front.

Very reasonably priced at £6.50 here in the UK this is a good introduction to the story of Australian troops and their involvement in WW1 on the Western Front.

Distributed by Casemate Books, who kindly provided my review copy.