The Weathering Magazine - 'Real'...

...a new edition from Ammo of Mig Jiminez

Ammo of Mig Jiminez have been producing 'The Weathering Magazine' for a few years now, each one tackling a particular topic and  also done in a variety of languages, including English.  This particular one is introduced by Mig and discusses the topic for this one, as the discussion between a model finished with an artistic style and one intended to more accurately simulate realism.   This issue shows examples of models finished in a 'real' style finish, and uses some very fine models by a number of talented modellers.

There is something in here for a good cross section of interests.  The models featured are a Takom 1/35 Leopard C2 Mexas, completed by Fabrizio Pincelli, in a heavily weathered condition, based on photos of a real example, which are included.  This is followed by a 'retired' rail loco, a Hungarian M61 Diesel, which is well worn and been left in a siding for a long time.  This one is done by Hungarian modeller, Deak Robert.  Next is a 1/72 F-4EJ Phantom of the Japan Air Self Defence Force, finished in a colourful commemorative scheme by Jamie Haggo.  Out to sea for the next one, a Trumpeter 1/144 Kilo Class submarine finished in a well worn state on a seascape display base.  The final project is another Takom 1/35 kit, a Chieftain finished in a heavily worn and rusted Berlin urban camouflage scheme, and again based on photos of a surviving example.  This one is done by Graziano Ghetti. The issue is rounded off by an interview with Elizabeth Wiese, one of the partners in the Ammo of Mig Jiminez company, their Community Manager, and also coping with a personal fight against brain cancer.

Each article is well illustrated, each one numbered to relate to an associated paragraph of text which explains the step by step sequence of how the effects are done, and with what materials.  The standards of the models with their realistic finishes is first class and the quality of the magazine itself is very high.  There are a lot of handy tips in here for the modeller as well as being models to simply admire.

My thanks to Justin at Bookworld for my copy and who hold stocks in the UK.