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Medium Tank M3 Lee I...

...TopDrawings 79 from Kagero, via Casemate Books

Title:  Medium Tank M3 Lee I

Author: Slawomir Zajaczkowski

Publisher:  Kagero

ISBN:  978-83-66148-48-2

A recent addition to Kagero's excellent series of TopDrawings with sets of 1/35 scale plans.  In this case it starts with a brief background, presented in both English and Polish. Then straight into a series of scale plans, started with an early production example, and as with all the rest, providing views from both sides, top, front and back. Next is a Mark I, which has new fans installed and has a counterweight on the end of the M2 75mm gun. That is followed by another set, with stowage boxes on the rear sides of the superstructure along with a changed aerial mount. Then a Mid-Production version, with a modified laft side hatch, deletion of the small top hatch and pressed rpad wheels rather than the more complex spoked wheels.

The centre four pages have 5 colour artworks, for 3 US operated versions, all with different colour schemes, of Lees in service in North Africa. Then one showing a British Lee in North Africa and another in Russian markings from the Eastern Front. There are two more colour profiles on the back cover, with a second Russian example and one  Australian Lee in Burma, in 1942. Then back to the scale drawings, with a Late Production version, with the longer barrelled M3 75mm gun. For the final plans, a couple more mid-production versions, one of which has some field modifications for service in the Battle of Makin.

There are some nice kits of the M3 Lee on the market, including the new ones from Mini Art, so I am sure this new set of plans will be popular.


Distributed by Casemate Books, who kindly provided my review copy.


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