Trumpeter Kits expected May 2017...

News of some new kits from Trumpeter which are expected here in the UK with importers Pocketbond in May.

PKTM00926 US M1A1 Abrams AIM MBT

L: 620mm, W: 232mm
Individual track links
Total parts 1300+
RRP £199.99

PKTM01026 Russian 9P140 TEL of 9K57 Uragan Multiple Launch Rocket System

RRP £105.99

PKTM01047 Multiple Launch Rocket System - Finland/Netherlands
Detailed multi-directional slide-moulded cab and lower hull
Individual track links
PE parts
L: 295mm W: 85mm
Total Parts: 960+ 
RRP £93.99

PKTM01679 Russian MiG-31 Foxhound

L: 314.6mm, W: 186.9mm
Total parts: 340+
RRP £47.99

PKTM03223 Russian MIG-29A Fulcrum

L: 536.2mm, W: 356.5mm
Total parts: 310+
RRP £123.99

PKTM05347 Italian Heavy Cruiser Zara

L: 522.3mm, W: 65.2mm
Total Parts: 460+
RRP £79.99

PKTM05590 Soviet JS-2M Heavy Tank Late

L: 270mm, W: 220mm
Total parts: 360+ 
RRP £64.99

PKTM09510 Russian T-72B3M MBT

L: 289mm, W: 108mm
Total Parts: 1370+ 
RRP £64.99

PKTM09535 Grille 30-30.5cm (GrW) L/16 Mörser 'Bär' (Bear)

L: 244.8mm, W: 105.4mm
Total Parts: 310+
RRP £41.99

PKTM09954 Twist Drilling Auger Bit Set 1 (ø 0.3 to 1.0mm 8 pcs ea)

RRP £7.50

PKTM09955 Twist Drilling Auger Bit Set 2 (ø 1.0 to 1.7mm 8 pcs ea)

RRP £7.50

PKTM09956 Twist Drilling Auger Bit Set 3 (ø 1.8 to 2.5mm 8 pcs ea)

RRP £8.99

PKTM09960 Paint Palette with holder

RRP £5.99