Trumpeter Kits expected March 2017...

News of some new kits from Trumpeter which are expected here in the UK with importers Pocketbond in March.

PKTM09511 Ukrainian T-84 MBT - 1/35
Total parts 790+ 

PKTM07137 Russian BTR-70 APC Early - 1/72
L: 105mm, W: 39mm, Total parts: 70+

PKTM07138 Russian BTR-70 APC Late - 1/72
L: 105mm, W: 39mm, Total parts: 80+

PKTM07136 Soviet JS-7 Tank - 1/72

PKTM01652 Russian Su-34 Fullback Fighter Bomber - 1/72
L: 305mm, W: 204mm, Total Parts: 550+

PKTM01015 M915 Truck  - 1/35
Tractor unit, semi-trailer & one 40ft container included

L: 489mm, W: 94.3mm, Total parts 500+

PKTM00924 Russian T-72B MBT - 1/16
L: 632mm, W: 224mm
Individual track links
Total parts 700+

PKTM00438 African Freedom Fighters - 1/35
Contains 6 figures.

Total parts: 60+

ARMS included 
Multi-pose plastic figure kit, requires paint and glue.