Gallic Cavalry in 28mm scale...

...another recent release from Victrix

A new set of injection moulded Gallic Cavalry is now on sale from Victrix.  Nicely moulded and easy enough to assemble.  I found the fit of parts to be excellent.  The only thing you need to deal with are the moulding seams on the parts when you have removed them from the sprues.  To select the right parts for the different figure types, the guide is provided printed on the back of the header card.  The pack holds four identical parts sprues, each one holding the parts for three horses and riders plus a variety of optional parts for heads, arms, weapons etc.  Though the three horses will be the same, the riders can vary enormously thanks to selecting from all the optional parts as you build each group of three.  The figures are very neatly detailed and moulded, just some mould seams to be cleaned up prior to painting.

A nice neat accessory worth getting as well are the transfers for the shields which are available from Little Big Men Studios.

Details of the pack are-

  • 12 mounted figures in the set

  • All figures wearing armour, representing noble cavalry

  • Separate heads allowing multiple variants

  • Choice of arms for javelins, spears, swords, musician and standard bearer

  • Optional cloaks

  • Mix of round shields

  • Can be used as Gallic cavalry against the Romans

  • Can be used as Roman Allied cavalry to fight against the Germans

  • Can be used as mercenaries in a Carthaginian army


Next job is to paint the horses and figures...

Thanks to Victrix for the news and pictures


Victrix 28mm Gallic Cavalry
Victrix 28mm Gallic Cavalry
Header card
Victrix 28mm Gallic Cavalry
Parts assembly guide
Victrix 28mm Gallic Cavalry
Sprue, front view (4x sprue)
Victrix 28mm Gallic Cavalry
Sprue, back view (4x sprue)
Victrix 28mm Gallic Cavalry
3 assembled figures, content of one full sprue
Victrix 28mm Gallic Cavalry
3 assembled figures, content of one full sprue
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