New set of Greek Light Cavalry in 28mm scale...

...a new release and other news from Victrix

A few announcements and images.













1. Greek Light Cavalry will be released on 14th April at Salute. Below is an image of the rider frame which will be combined with the Greek Heavy Cavalry horse frame. The number of figures per set is still being debated.










2. Another image shows a digital render of the druid that will be included in the Ancient Briton Chariot set. Also displayed are some concept sketches of the chariot drivers that are currently being worked on.
































3. By the end of play today all outstanding orders for the new Gallic sets will have been shipped. Apologies to all for the slight delay with these sets.


























4. Finally we have had confirmation that the Gallic Cavalry will be released at the end of May.

















Thanks to Victrix for the news and pictures