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Late Saxons -Anglo-Danes in 28mm scale...

Victrix28mm_LateSaxons (1)Headercard.jpg
...a new release from Victrix

A complementary set of Late Saxons from Victrix, released as the same time as their associated Late Saxon Anglo-Danish Huscarls (reviewed separately).
The pack is full of the grey plastic sprues which will give you 60 complete figures pus a good selection of left over spare parts. There are 2 large sprues for the Command figures, each of which hold 6 figures along with a selection of alternative head and arm combinations. One of these is in a Monk's habit, and my favourite. So, a total of 12 Command Figures and these are the same as those included in the Huscarls set as well. Then the basic warriors come with 8 figures on a larger sprue, and there are 6 of these sprues, again with head and arm options. So a total of 60 figures in the pack. As well as the Monk, the remainder are all nicely done, and I like the variation of facial expressions on the different heads. There are circular shields, of different sizes, and some different size Kite shaped shields as well. The weapons options include swords, spears, javelins and axes. The number of options allow for a good mix among the large number of figures, so each one can be unique in its' own way.

Easy enough to assemble. There are mould seams which need to be removed on the figure bodies when you take them off the sprues, but that isn't a difficult task. Now they just need some paint...

The only other thing to add, and available separately, will be transfers for the shields, which are produced and available from Little Big Men Studios (LBMS).


Thanks to Victrix for my sample.



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