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African War Elephants in 28mm scale...

...a new release from Victrix

News of a new set of injection moulded African War Elephants for your Ancient Wargames armies from Victrix now on sale.

  • 2 elephants and 14 crew in each set.

  • Very highly detailed figures with superb detail achieved by didgital sculpting.

  • Crew options for Carthaginian, Ptolomeic, Numidian and Roman.

  • Elephants have separate left halves, optional trunks, neck bells, javelin cases and decorative ribbons offering many model choices.

  • Mahut has head and arm options adding much variety.

  • All crews have multiple head, arm and weapon options.

  • Great value at £29.95, cheaper than metal sets with much more detail.

  • Full range of LittleBigMenStudios shield, howday and blanket transfers available.


Thanks to Victrix for the news and pictures


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