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New set of 3 Celtic Chariots in 28mm scale...

...a new release from Victrix

Latest news from Victrix and their range of 28mm scale plastic Ancients wargames figures, in this including 3x Celtic Chariots and 20 figures so you have crew options.

Available now.

  • 3 chariots in each set.

  • 8 xArmoured Gallic infantry as fighting crew.

  • 6 x Drivers, 3 x Boudiceas and 3 x druids included.

  • Separate heads allowing multiple variants.

  • Choice of chariot sides.

  • Choice of arms for javelins, swords  and standard bearer.

  • Severed heads, javelin cases and ribbons to enhance chariots.

  • Mix of Gallic shields.

  • Digitally designed meaning highly detailed figures.

  • Great value at £29.95, cheaper than most metal sets and more highly detailed.

  • Can be used as Ancient Britons against the Romans.

  • Fully supported by a range of shield transfers from LittleBigMenStudios.


Thanks to Victrix for the news.



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