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A new set of injection moulded 28mm Celtic Chariots.  The set contains 5 large sprues. Three of these each contain all the parts for a chariot, so a total of 3 complete combinations in the pack. The other two sprues, just slightly smaller, hold some foot figures and their optional heads, weapons, arms, shields etc. One of the things I particularly like is that the chariots have a 'webbing' platform, so the warrior that accompanies the driver has a single pin underneath one foot, so can be used in the chariot itself. Alternatively, the bases that are also provided all have a hole for that pin.  Hence any figure can be used on a chariot or fitted to a base, allowing you to ring the changes between them all.

The chariots have a choice of style/shape for the side walls, and the drivers have the reins moulded in with their hands.  There are forward elements to the reins to fit as well, and I found everything fitted very well.  There is a female figure, Queen Bodicea I assume and another with a man/priest who can be holding a long spear with a head mounted onto its' spike. I must say I found the fit of parts for the chariots to be first class and the overall look of these, is excellent.#

I have painted a few of the figures as a sample and two of the chariots. These will benefit from having the side panel transfers to the outer sides, and these are available from Little Big Men Studios, via Victrix.


Thanks to Victrix for my sample.


...a new release from Victrix
VictrixCelticChariots (2).JPG

Celtic Chariots in 28mm scale...

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