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Germanic Warriors 100BC-200AD in 28mm scale...

Victrix28mm_GermanicWarriors (1).JPG
...a new release from Victrix

Another super new set of 28mm scale figures from Victrix which are now on sale. With no less than 60 injection moulded plastic figures in the set, this is another excellent one for modellers and wargamers alike.
The pack has a header card, the reverse of which carries the guide as to which parts are intended to go together. The basic body is in one piece, while it is all the choices of arms, heads, weapons, cloaks etc which enable you to ring the changes between them all as you assemble all 60. What you get in the pack are 8 large grey plastic sprues. 6 hold the basic Warrior figures, complete with all the optional parts, plus two slightly smaller sprues for some Command Figures. Assembly is quite straightforward and the fit is good. The one thing you will need to do is take some time to remove the mould seams from the main body mouldings. Easy enough to do with a sharp craft knife, but it does take a bit of time and patience, so I'd suggest doing them in batches. So far, to get enough figures to photograph in their assembled but unpainted form, the photos show the results of assembling a complete sprue of warriors and another of the Command sprue. One of the noticeable elements of these are the hairstyles, which include some top-knots which make them quite distinctive.
The figures are available from a number of stockists, and also direct from Victrix Ltd.


Thanks to Victrix for my sample.


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