Macedonian Greek Successor Heavy Cavalry in 28mm...

...a new release from Victrix

VXA027 Macedonian Greek Successor Heavy Cavalry. 
•RRP £22.95

•28mm hard plastic figures.

•12 figure multi part figure set.

•Includes multiple arm and head options.

•Extensive shield transfer range will be available from Little Big Men Studios.

This set is now on sale, and to follow up on the news of these we carried a few months ago, now I have had a look at the figures and had a go at assembling them.  What you get are four copies each of two sprues, one with the figures and the other with the horses so you get a total of 12 mounted cavalrymen.  As is usual with Victrix models, you get a choice of heads, arms and weapons to enable you to vary the 12 figures and to choose just what you want yours to represent.  Helpful notes on the back of the header card explain which parts to use for the potential variations.  These include Macedonian Companion, Thessalian Nobles, and Greek Heavy Cavalry.  The main differences are whether they wore cloaks or not, varied helmets and the types of weapons they carried.

These will paint up very nicely as 28mm scale (1/56) is big enough to get some detail painting for a good level of detail and will look great on a gaming table.

Thanks to Victrix for the sample sprues.