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New set of Roman Generals in 28mm scale...

...a new release from Victrix

Latest news from Victrix and their range of 28mm scale plastic, Victrix Roman Generals

Available now.

  • 12 mounted command in each set.

  • Create Generals, Legates and Senior Centurions.

  • Sophisticated and highly detailed armour and horse furniture.

  • Separate heads allowing multiple variants.

  • Choice of arms.

  • Digitally designed meaning highly detailed figures.

  • Great value at £24.95, cheaper than most metal sets and more highly detailed.

  • Fully supported by a range of shield transfers from LittleBigMenStudios.


Victrix will release 6 new sets of plastic shields. This first batch cover Republican Roman scutums,  Roamn Auxiliary shields, Early Imperial Roman scutums, Greek Hoplite shields, Thureos shield and Viking shields.

At the same time, there are new sets of transfers from LittleBigMenStudios that will go with these new shields.


Thanks to Victrix for the news.



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